High density underlay made up of 93% natural raw materials and polyurethane binders,
laminated with two water vapour control layers.

Pack contents: 8 m2
Thickness: 2 mm + alu  folil
Size: 1m x 8m
Basic material: Polyurethane/Mineral 780 kg/m3 (± 10%)
Impact sound reduction: 18 dB
Reflected walking sound: 26%
Thermal insulation: 0,009 m2 K/W
Moisture protection: SD 100 m
Compressive strength: 220 kPa
Compressive creep: 48 kPa
Dynamic load: 100.000 cycles
Resistance to large ball: 800 mm
Reaction to fire: Bfl

Impact sound reduction

Dynamic load

Reflected walking sound

Resistance to large ball

Thermal insulation

Compensation for uneveness

Moisture protection

Reaction to fire

Compressive strength

Thermal insulation

Compressive creep

Basic material